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From: Alexander Mayboroda (
Date: Sun Aug 31 2003 - 23:59:49 MDT

We have very beautiful term - an artificial intellect.
Whether but let's understand such it beautiful actually.
Let's compare it to other terms.
Let's take for example the term - a table.
This very simple term. All of us well know, that it means.
There are very many things connected with it and
also well-known. They specify its essence.
Our term - an artificial intellect - not such.
Let's take other term - weather.
With it slightly heavier. It not so concrete.
But all the same well certain.
Everyone may feel that it means.
Let's take the following term - black hole.
It not so known. Nobody may feel,
to imagine it to itself. But all the same it designates
something concrete. Still possible to touch
it as abstraction at least.
Our term - an artificial intellect - again not such.
What term has properties similar to ours.
Seems the best candidate the term - the God
( or the Supreme Mind - whom as is pleasant).
Nobody may specify him as on something concrete.
As on a table for example.
Nobody may outline his borders as process.
As it can be made with weather.
Nobody may To describe him with help of abstraction.
As it can be made with black hole.
Once for research of the term - the God
arisen whole science - theology.
Now for research of the term - an artificial intellect
also arisen whole science, even two.
These two sciences investigate that of that are not present.
Just right that that is not present, instead of that that impossible.
( Knowledge of impossible - really divine knowledge)
And now solve such riddle.
If from the person to take away all that that is displays
to intelligence: language, abstract thinking
there will be rather advanced animal.
But that remain when we shall take away from
persons an advanced animal.

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