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From: Edwin Evans (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 22:13:40 MDT

Here are my opinions:

I don't find the logo appealing. Aesthetically, the single
photo-realistic image of the human hand looks out of place to me.
Symbolically, it doesn't represent why I care about the Singularity,
what I believe the Singularity will be like, or what SIAI does. Given
SIAI's already questionable name -- it sounds like Singularity
Institute "on the side of" AI -- the image could be additionally
misleading. And although I don't really find it offensive, that it is
a white person's hand is a bit of a turn-off (as opposed to
indeterminable or multiple people of different races, as is usually
done now).

There are too many redundant elements. For example, the "What is the
Singularity Institute" link appears in 5 different places on the front

I don't think "Introductory Material" is a good choice of words. It
sounds like you are trying to lend the texts more credibility whereas
I think it will have the opposite effect. "Who are you?", a visitor
may wonder, to be claiming that the Singularity is worthy of serious
study and the essays you write are introductions to an established
body of knowledge? In time, perhaps, but that case has not been won
yet. ("Essays", "Short Articles", or some such would be better.)

I won't be offended if you go ahead with what you have. Maybe visitors
will be attracted to the logo. Still, I thought I should post my
opinion. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with my critical


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> Tyrone Pow has been working on this new design for SIAI's website:
> Thanks to Ziana Astralos for the handshake logo.
> We would like to hear your comments before it goes
> officially online.
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