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From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 02:28:22 MDT

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 09:13:40PM -0700, Edwin Evans wrote:
> Here are my opinions:
> I don't find the logo appealing. Aesthetically, the single
> photo-realistic image of the human hand looks out of place to me.
> Symbolically, it doesn't represent why I care about the
> Singularity, what I believe the Singularity will be like, or what
> SIAI does. Given SIAI's already questionable name -- it sounds
> like Singularity Institute "on the side of" AI -- the image could
> be additionally misleading.

I don't agree with any of those points.

> And although I don't really find it offensive, that it is a white
> person's hand is a bit of a turn-off (as opposed to indeterminable
> or multiple people of different races, as is usually done now).

That, however, does make sense to me.

> There are too many redundant elements. For example, the "What is
> the Singularity Institute" link appears in 5 different places on
> the front page.

Given the complaints I've gotten in my own site designs about things
being too hard to find, that seems like a basic minimum.

> I don't think "Introductory Material" is a good choice of words.
> It sounds like you are trying to lend the texts more credibility
> whereas I think it will have the opposite effect. "Who are you?",
> a visitor may wonder, to be claiming that the Singularity is
> worthy of serious study and the essays you write are introductions
> to an established body of knowledge? In time, perhaps, but that
> case has not been won yet. ("Essays", "Short Articles", or some
> such would be better.)

That objection simply doesn't make any sense to me.


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