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Date: Fri Jul 04 2003 - 15:25:25 MDT

"The Internet."

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> Hi,
> For a speculative futuristic article I'm writing (for a journal issue
> by Francis Heylighen), I need a new word: a word to denote a mind that is
> halfway between an individual mind and a society of minds.
> Not a hive-mind, but rather a community of minds that exchange
> thoughts/ideas directly rather than thru language, and hence derive a
> of synergetic mutual intelligence much greater than that achievable in a
> society of separate minds....
> I'm reviewing two possible future examples of such minds
> 1) a community of Novamente AI engines
> 2) a community of human minds that are enhanced with neurochips or related
> technologies and linked into a Net enabled with "Kazaa for
> thought-complex-swapping"
> [Of course, Singularity-wise, these possibilities are either
> pre-Singularity, or else post-Singularity in a world shaped and guided by
> superintelligent quasi-Vingean Powers. But the focus of this particular
> article is not the Singularity, but rather the interesting possibility of
> this intermediately individual/social frame of mind]
> Any suggestions?
> Eliezer suggested "Mindplex", which is better than my prior idea
> "Multi-mind" ... [I wrote an unpublished novel called "Sexplex" once ;-) ]
> Also, any reference to prior ("serious" or science-fictional) developments
> of this theme? [Sturgeon's "More than Human" is an example, but the
> mindplex in there is smaller-scale and more specially-structured than what
> I'm thinking]
> Thanks,
> Ben G

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