RE: mindplexes

From: Colin Hales (
Date: Fri Jul 04 2003 - 15:42:47 MDT

Ben wrote.........
> While researching mindplexes, I found this page on Theodore Sturgeon
> which contains the following excellent quote:
> "The secret I am trying to tell here is the art of
> storytelling, at its
> highest -- how it's done. It's like Houdini getting himself
> locked in a
> trunk and thrown in the ocean. I don't think he knows
> beforehand how he's
> going to get out of that trunk. Rather, he's putting himself
> in a situation
> where he will be forced to focus every bit of his own strength and
> concentration on the problem at hand -- and he knows that under
> circumstances, and only those circumstances, he has the
> capability to find a way out. It's an act of faith.
> "The solution is: open the trunk. That's obvious. And the way
> to arrive at the solution is to lock yourself in the trunk. That's
> obvious at all. But it's beautiful."
> I am sure this dude is wrong about Houdini (who would have
> been dead far
> younger if this guy's theory were correct), but he's right about
> storytelling!!

More than story-telling, I think. When you think about it you can see
the pattern underlies most human creativity. I am in the Colin Hales
trunk. Ben and cohorts are in the Novamente trunk. Ben just put the
list in the word invention trunk.

It's trunks, all the way down (and up), I tell you!


Ready. Fire (DOH!). Aim.

IMO human creativity is more about egregious screwups. Edison and
light bulbs comes to mind...

speaking of egregious screwups, how about using the recent propensity
of Crick, Koch and now misc. other neuroscience involveds to use the
word 'coalition' when talking of mid-level (>1) cooperation
(coherence, resonance whatever) between neurons.

How about bastardising coalition into coality or the like.



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