Re: SIAI's flawed friendliness analysis

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 18:04:20 MDT

Dear Barkley Vowk,

You wrote:
> I'm sorry, but dedicating yourself to the prevention of future
> possible badness sounds like the plot for the terminator movies.

Dedicating oneself to the prevention of future possible badness is what
a substantial fraction of humanity does for a substantial fraction of
thier daily lives. That movies reflect life in this way is not a
particularly insightful observation.

Barkley Vowk wrote:
> But,
> I'm afraid the chances of uber machines destroying the world is far
> far smaller than the chances of you just being off your medication.

So... you seem to already made a detailed assessment of the chances of
'uber machines' arising, while also being well informed of the
moderator's medical needs? Somehow I doubt it.

Barkley Vowk wrote:
> If you're going to speak for something I'm interested in, please try
> to not sound crazy, I'd really appreciate it. Honestly, you're going
> around telling people they've got a planet kill on their record.

'planet kill' is SL4 shorthand for a specific idea, with which you seem
unfamiliar. To educate yourself go to the SL4 archives. It has been
said before that experts talking about thier area of expertise often
'sound crazy'. Perhaps that saying applies in this case, and from your
POV. But I would really appreciate it if you responded with specific,
well thought-out critisizms rather than superficial observations.

Michael Roy Ames

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