FTL vs. Infinite Universes

From: Paul Hughes (psiphius@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 15:19:10 MDT

--- Tomaz Kristan <me2icq@icqmail.com> wrote:
> Infinitely many of other worlds?
> Are they all (a majority of them) older?
> Are they all (a majority of them) more complicated
> than
> this one? They should be, or infinitely many are
> exactly as ours.
> If every second pops up another zillion of worlds,
> then
> our is the Nth youngest. And this N rises fast. When
> this N will contain more bits, then our entire
> Universe
> contains them?
> Then, are there countably many Universes?
> Uncountably
> Infinite? Continuum many? Aleph No. 992399 for
> example?

I tend to agree with your sentiments here. I find it
hard to believe that there is some kind of limit that
just cannot be circumvented (such as the speed of
light), if given an infinite amount of intelligence
working on the problem. I'm not buying it. I'm not
saying Tegmark is incorrect - his overall vision is
deeply appealing, only that I'm deeply skeptical of
the conclusions that if FTL were possible, we wouldn't
be here.

My thoughts at this moment are:

1) FTL is possible, and the universe is infinite, and
some other mechanism is at work to explain the lack of
extraterrestrial presence, or:

2) FTL is possible, the universe is not infinite, and
we just haven't seen them yet.

Paul Hughes

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