Re: Infinite universe

From: Tomaz Kristan (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 13:48:04 MDT

Infinitely many of other worlds?

Are they all (a majority of them) older?

Are they all (a majority of them) more complicated than
this one? They should be, or infinitely many are
exactly as ours.

If every second pops up another zillion of worlds, then
our is the Nth youngest. And this N rises fast. When
this N will contain more bits, then our entire Universe
contains them?

Then, are there countably many Universes? Uncountably
Infinite? Continuum many? Aleph No. 992399 for example?

A transaleph number of them?

A transconstructible number of them?

I am sceptic as hell.

- Thomas

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