Re: Infinite universes

Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 15:24:04 MDT

"Perry E. Metzger" <> wrote:
> Ah, but not quite. For example, our mathematical structure supports the
> simulation of other mathematical structures, and some mathematical
> structures could have multiple embedded mathematical structures that
> are subtly but causally related. Certainly this wouldn't happen for
> "most" mathematical structures, but there is no reason to assume one
> couldn't construct one.

This is correct. If one mathematical structure is implemented somehow
inside another, facts about the former mathematical structure will
determine events in the latter. These facts are also facts about the
latter mathematical structure (the fact that "spaceships" can exist in
the Game of Life, vs. the fact that if you set up a Game of Life
simulation in our universe, it can contain "spaceships"). If you accept
that two processes implemented in different "worlds" can still be the
same process, then other mathematical universes can certainly affect us.

However, this can only happen through events in this mathematical
universe (over here in Bayesia -- I'm starting to feel patriotic
already). There still has to be a civilization to simulate the structure
that is supposed to already have "consumed" us, or it has to come about
in some natural way. Therefore, the Level IV multiverse adds nothing to
the Fermi paradox. We need still not worry about Invaders from the
Monster Group.

By the way, I don't object to calling this Level IV universe the "Bayes
Process" for now, though in the long run it will be less confusing to
refer to a universe by the name of the mathematical theory it's
isomorphic to. Our universe might be something like "M-Theory" or "thrice
metacanonically compactified d-transsymmetrical paramanifolds with
quadruply floxomorphic boundary conditions for the case B^2 == 15".

Does our Hubble region need a name (other than "the visible universe")?


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