Re: Infinite universes

From: Perry E. Metzger (
Date: Sat Apr 26 2003 - 08:25:17 MDT

"Mike Williams" <> writes:
> I'm using the term "universe" to refer to a given universe, which includes
> everything in it.
> By "interact", I mean some part of universe_A (presumably an entity or
> force) interacting with
> (having some type of effect on) any part of universe_B. If there's no
> potential for any
> interaction between 2 universes, then any discussion of universes beyond our
> own is moot.

Pretty much by definition, nothing outside of our light cone in our
Level I can have caused any impact on us. How could it be otherwise?
Similarly, if the "many worlds" Level III universes are possible,
pretty much by definition no one of those worlds can touch any other.

> My reference to "consuming" implied one of the common scifi scenarios such
> as some advanced
> civilization/entity with the capability of converting another universe's
> matter to energy
> for its own use, or a case of grey goo expanding outside the bounds of its
> originating universe,
> etc.

That isn't a "universe" consuming another universe -- and in any case,
as I've noted, that which is outside of our light cone can't have had
an impact on our history given our current understanding of physics,
and similarly for quantum "other worlds"...


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