RE: Infinite universes

From: Mike Williams (
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 19:40:34 MDT

I'm using the term "universe" to refer to a given universe, which includes
everything in it.
By "interact", I mean some part of universe_A (presumably an entity or
force) interacting with
(having some type of effect on) any part of universe_B. If there's no
potential for any
interaction between 2 universes, then any discussion of universes beyond our
own is moot.

My reference to "consuming" implied one of the common scifi scenarios such
as some advanced
civilization/entity with the capability of converting another universe's
matter to energy
for its own use, or a case of grey goo expanding outside the bounds of its
originating universe,
Mike W.

> If it were possible for our universe to interact with the other universes,

What does that mean, exactly? I don't know how universes would
"interact" per se. If they could meaningfully interact, they wouldn't
be separate universes.

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