Re: Coding from Scratch: Jaron Lanier

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 12:54:33 MST


At the point where Jaron Lanier writes:

"If nature worked that way, the universe would crash all the time.
Certainly there wouldn't be any evolution or life."

I raised my eyebrows. The 'universe' does crash almost all the time.
It is called 'entropy', the tendancy to disorder, the tendancy for
things to go to hell in a hand basket given the slightest excuse. For
every life form that now lives, quadrillions have failed to live because
the was a bug in their code.

Jaron recovers a little with what he writes later... but I found the
article worth reading mainly because of what he gets wrong, rather than
what he gets right. Smart guy, pop-science article.

Michael Roy Ames

Emil Gilliam wrote:
> You might disagree with Lanier elsewhere, but he speaks wisdom in this
> interview:
> Coding from Scratch
> A Conversation with Virtual Reality Pioneer Jaron Lanier, Part One

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