Re: Coding from Scratch: Jaron Lanier

From: Jonathan Standley (
Date: Sun Jan 26 2003 - 00:05:36 MST

something that I've noticed is how much some common development environments
2 common ones that I've dealt with are VB and Microsoft visual c++. I havent
used them for more than 2 years, so these criticisms might not be valid
anymore. That said...

it would be incredibly helpful to have standard libraries that don't have to
explicitly be included - a drag and drop list of common functions (different
sorting algos, etc) with standardized parameters would eliminate a lot of
common errors like off by 1, etc.

The option to have variables be by default local. Global variables are best
used judiciously if at all.

standardized array and list classes with built-in bounds checking and other
safeguards. How many vulnerabilites are caused by buffer overflows again?

default exception handling. Yes this is inefficient, but optimizing buggy
code seems a bit ass-backwards to me...

just some ideas, take them with a grain of salt..

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