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From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 13:19:12 MDT

Offhand I don't see what distinquishes this product from some of
the large full-text indexing and search products already on the
market. Some of them have at least limited concept-search if
not concept extraction. The best of these use a bayesian
approach to determining which documents are likely to be
relevant to particular concepts. Relatively simple tools on top
of them enable automatic notifications of interested parties if
a concept search turns up new material or if a newly indexed
document triggers saved searches. My own company does some work
in the saved search and notification area but we don't currently
exploit the full-text index vendor's notion of concept searches
that much. I believe Autonomy does the best job of concept
searches currently among the full-text indexing companies.

- samantha

Simon McClenahan wrote:
> This thread led to the "anonymous collaborative filtering" subject thread.
> There were a few concepts that were being mixed together though: anonymous
> posting, collaborative tools, and idea extraction.
> FWIW, for idea extraction I've been in contact with an entrepreneur in
> Chicago who has a product that extracts information from email (and Word
> documents). I need to talk to him more about it, but I'm not sure whether it
> really has the intelligence that us SL4'ers require to be considered useful
> ;-)
> I'm interested in knowing what all you guys think of his product based on
> the information presented at the Web site.
> cheers,
> Simon
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> Subject: Re[2]: Pre-Singularity human enlightenment
>>For a while now I've been walking around with half an idea that I wish
>>I could figure out the second half for.
>>The concept is roughly this: a collaberatively filtered discussion
>>where *ideas* trump *people* by somehow having everything anonymous.
>>A sort of IRC channel or newsgroup without FROM: identifications. And
>>where *concepts* or posts furthering the discussion constructively
>>can get "voted up".

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