Idea extraction

From: Simon McClenahan (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 12:57:47 MDT

This thread led to the "anonymous collaborative filtering" subject thread.
There were a few concepts that were being mixed together though: anonymous
posting, collaborative tools, and idea extraction.

FWIW, for idea extraction I've been in contact with an entrepreneur in
Chicago who has a product that extracts information from email (and Word
documents). I need to talk to him more about it, but I'm not sure whether it
really has the intelligence that us SL4'ers require to be considered useful

I'm interested in knowing what all you guys think of his product based on
the information presented at the Web site.


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> For a while now I've been walking around with half an idea that I wish
> I could figure out the second half for.
> The concept is roughly this: a collaberatively filtered discussion
> where *ideas* trump *people* by somehow having everything anonymous.
> A sort of IRC channel or newsgroup without FROM: identifications. And
> where *concepts* or posts furthering the discussion constructively
> can get "voted up".

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