RE: META: Sept. 11 and Singularity

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 17:17:04 MDT

> Frankly, I think you have a lot to learn about people and
> working well with them. You are shooting from the hip in my
> opinion before you have even bothered to fully understand. That
> does not make this a better list. The attitude of defending the
> borders assumes you have everything good already inside the
> borders and that those things that don't meet your current
> conceptions are automatically bad or dangerous. It assumes the
> list is too fragile to take a bit of time and effort to know a
> new person and to see if they can be incorporated gracefully and
> to mutual benefit. It doesn't leave enough room for growth on
> either side or even admit the possibility.
> - samantha

Very well put, Samantha.

Our internal Novamente AI e-mail lists have no room for continual debate
over foundations, because we are a small groups concerned with moving as
rapidly as possible toward a well-defined goal.

On the other hand, SL4 is oriented toward debate over foundations, toward
achieving understanding of something that is huge and difficult and NONE OF
US understands well; and in this context, a bias toward openness is

This doesn't mean that

-- posters who flame others
-- posters who continually post off-topic
-- posters who repeat the same boring points over and over again without
giving reasoning or experience to back their points up

should be tolerated.

It does mean that serious, articulate posters who aren't yet 100% up to
speed should be tolerated, due to the reasonable probability that they'll
provide new ideas & perspectives...

But again, that would be MY way. Eliezer is free to have his own way, and I
like his way well enough that I've stayed on this list longer than I've
stayed on nearly any other (I've been on the Chaos Theory in Psychology list
for about 10 years now; but it's pretty low traffic, unmoderated, and about
50% on-topic...)

-- Ben G

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