RE: Future shock and cellphones

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 13:55:15 MDT

What company do you work for, Alex?

This is a market I have thought about before, in terms of the applicability
of AI to it.

Narrow AI technologies such as information filtering and document summary
are going to be very important to the commoditization of advanced mobile
phone services.

-- ben

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> >In both cases there's probably a nice startup here for anyone who wants
> >to develop the software in advance and have it fine-tuned, debugged,
> >featureful, and ready to roll out the door and grab the entire market
> >the instant that cellphone technology makes it possible. Assuming no
> >one is doing it already.
> We have thousands of active webbbs and chat-rooms, many with a chatterbot
> (324 active bots).
> We have a wap-interface for cellphones and are working on a voice
> interface. We dont need a perfect product, a positive-feedback-loop
> is enough (Getting more money out of the system than putting in,
> and have enough money to do more development than our competitors)
> I think its easier to put an interface to an existing community
> than to develop tools and sell them. And it takes time on a community
> to use tools. We put free wikis to our system and it took 2 years,
> same with other features.
> imho qa-systems are killerapps on cellphones, google is not enough.
> But you need manpower to develop then knowledge-base. We try it on
> our community with over 1 million users.
> cu Alex

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