Re: Future shock and cellphones

From: Alexander E. Richter (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 12:28:58 MDT

At 13:28 31.07.02 -0400, you wrote:
>In both cases there's probably a nice startup here for anyone who wants
>to develop the software in advance and have it fine-tuned, debugged,
>featureful, and ready to roll out the door and grab the entire market
>the instant that cellphone technology makes it possible. Assuming no
>one is doing it already.

We have thousands of active webbbs and chat-rooms, many with a chatterbot
(324 active bots).

We have a wap-interface for cellphones and are working on a voice
interface. We dont need a perfect product, a positive-feedback-loop
is enough (Getting more money out of the system than putting in,
and have enough money to do more development than our competitors)

I think its easier to put an interface to an existing community
than to develop tools and sell them. And it takes time on a community
to use tools. We put free wikis to our system and it took 2 years,
same with other features.

imho qa-systems are killerapps on cellphones, google is not enough.
But you need manpower to develop then knowledge-base. We try it on
our community with over 1 million users.

cu Alex

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