RE: Future shock and cellphones

From: Alexander E. Richter (
Date: Wed Jul 31 2002 - 14:37:03 MDT

At 13:55 31.07.02 -0600, you wrote:
>What company do you work for, Alex? (most texts in german)

>This is a market I have thought about before, in terms of the applicability
>of AI to it.
>Narrow AI technologies such as information filtering and document summary
>are going to be very important to the commoditization of advanced mobile
>phone services.

Right. But there is no easy way do go directly to ai mobile phone services.

We'll planing 6 steps:

1. Chat on internet
2. Chat with bot on internet
3. Chat with bot by wap on internet (expensive for user)
4. Chat with bot by tts on internet
5. Chat with bot by voice-input and tts on internet
6. Chat with bot by mobile phone

Because the user invested hundreds of hours in step 5, the recognition
rate is much higher than in speaker-independ systems. No great investments
on our site.

btw, its more evolution than revolution.

cu Alex

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