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From: Sam Kennedy (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 13:18:56 MDT

I personally enjoy Max's posts quite well. I don't care if he has trouble
writing down his thoughts, I think they are perfectly vaild.

Sam Kennedy
On Wed, 1 May 2002, Max Comess wrote:
> What exactly is it that you object to. I know I don't write beautiful well
> thought out compositions but this isn't an English class. I've always had
> trouble in communicating, in fact I have a DX'd communications disorder;
> Asperger's Syndrome. Personally I'd rather DO something to bring the
> singularity about, rather then just write about it, and since I don't have
> the knowledge to write AI software, what I can do is attempt to inform
> people about what is going on.
> The biggest problem with this field is that it is fractured into hundreds of
> different groups, each working on their own project, and not communicating,
> except, seemingly, by well written papers in MLA format in academic
> journals.  We don't need any more papers. We need plex. Lots of them. And
> what people do write in "standard" format should be massively hyperlinked,
> rather then forcing the reader to pore over any number of well written
> lengthy paragraphs searching for what they really want to see.
>  I've been using theBrain for a while and I can tell you what a difference
> it makes in terms of quick and easy access to information, and I think that
> everyone who is working towards a common goal should have a common place to
> facilitate advances. Think about what would happen if all those who worked
> on AI software used nothing but the latest GUI based programs in their
> development, instead of the standard Crappy Limited Interface (CLI), that so
> many are using now.
> Max
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