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What exactly is it that you object to. I know I don't write beautiful well
thought out compositions but this isn't an English class. I've always had
trouble in communicating, in fact I have a DX'd communications disorder;
Asperger's Syndrome. Personally I'd rather DO something to bring the
singularity about, rather then just write about it, and since I don't have
the knowledge to write AI software, what I can do is attempt to inform
people about what is going on.

The biggest problem with this field is that it is fractured into hundreds of
different groups, each working on their own project, and not communicating,
except, seemingly, by well written papers in MLA format in academic
journals. We don't need any more papers. We need plex. Lots of them. And
what people do write in "standard" format should be massively hyperlinked,
rather then forcing the reader to pore over any number of well written
lengthy paragraphs searching for what they really want to see.

 I've been using theBrain for a while and I can tell you what a difference
it makes in terms of quick and easy access to information, and I think that
everyone who is working towards a common goal should have a common place to
facilitate advances. Think about what would happen if all those who worked
on AI software used nothing but the latest GUI based programs in their
development, instead of the standard Crappy Limited Interface (CLI), that so
many are using now.

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