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From: Dani Eder (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 15:15:39 MDT

A slightly more organized statement:

Singularity and Fermi Paradox

Take these two observations:

1) Human technological progress has been accelerating.
 We will soon
(on astronomical time scales) be able to spread our
into space at significant fraction of the speed of

2) We see no obvious evidence of any other
civilization that has
done so, even though a small number of civilizations
in the universe
(~10) starting at random times in the past (0-15
years ago) should have mostly filled the universe by

The following hypotheses can explain these

A) Civilization formation is extraordinarily rare, on
the order of 1 in
the entire universe.

B) Conditions only became favorable to civilizations
recently. (i.e. 2nd
generation stars required to create suitable planets).

C) Civilizations don't survive at a high tech level
long enough to fill the universe.

D) Civilizations don't stay in a form we can observe.

E) Civilizations have been observed, but we don't
recognize them as such.

F) The fraction of civilizations that is expansionary
is low.

There may be additional hypotheses I haven't listed,
or some combination
of them may be the right answer.

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