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Date: Sun Apr 07 2002 - 08:38:50 MDT

On Sat, Apr 06, 2002 at 12:06:13AM -0500, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
> Also, you may want to finish GISAI ( ) before

Ok. I already read somewhere else on your site the stuff that I
was worried about.

> found in the archives, online material, and so on. Speaking of which, you
> may want to spend some time browsing the archives (
> ) if you haven't already.

I myself am goal driven. Please let me explain my reasons to be
on this list so that you can point out to me how I can fit in.

Like you, I am worried about mankind. Something needs to happen
and soon. I will not be able to do anything about this, I am
not a politician with a lot of power (and even those can do VERY
little). My hope is that humanity survives itself long enough
to make it to the stars, and the Singularity seems to be very
realistic way to achieve that - at least a lot faster then I had
hoped for before (personally I think it will take another 500 years
however, but that is not relevant).

Given the above, the goal is clear: To develop the Seed AI.
Given that I've now been programming 7 years or so on a C++ library
that will be needed for programs that are a notch more complex than
what is possible without it - I realize that the Work I can do alone
is neglectable; I will *certainly* not be able to write a working AI
within my own life-span.

Therefore I seek people who are working on that and whose work
will likely be used by mankind for future work (I don't think that
you, or anyone else this generation, will succeed. But you could
make a break-through or lay an important basis).

Then I'd like to help those people by offering them my capability
to analyze and comprehend abstract things. Help them with their
work: the design of the seed AI.

I am NOT interested in discussing what will happen after the
Singularity is a fact, nor do I think that it is my place to be
part of a philosophic discussion about how to Walk The Path Into
The Singularity (although I think that is extremely important,
there are more than enough others who can think about that).

>From your remark, especially the one where you say that you might
not have time to reply, I conclude that you are not interested
in hearing my ideas. Adding that to the fact that I am pretty
bad in dealing with human relationships (and cooperating in a
team), the likeliness that I could make a significant difference
here - together with you and your work - drop below what I feel
is worth it.

You've already made clear that you don't believe in making an effort
together with volunteers on the other side of the World, so - unless
you convince me now otherwise - my decision has been made that it
won't be us who will cooperate and I will unsubscribe and continue
my conversation in private with Ben.


Carlo Wood <>
PS If there is anyone else on this list who is actively designing
   AI (not necessarily Real AI), then please mail me in private
   if you are interested in setting up a mailinglist that will
   deal with practical design issues.

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