From: Michaelroyames (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 18:31:59 MST

<> wrote:
> If you believe in imminent existence of superintelligent drextech-wielding
> plunge-you-into-an-infinite-world-of-fun-and-growth type Sysop, why would
> find it helpful or reasonable to freeze yourself upon death?

Because, while it may be a reasonable extrapolation of current scientific
knowledge to expect SI-directed MNT to restore a carefully preserved dead
body to life again, it is a far greater leap to expect an SI to be able to
recover an individual's information from the 'substance-of-the-universe'.
Time travel is another huge leap. We already have direct evidence that MNT
is possible (our cells) and that intelligence is possible (ourselves), but
we have no evidence for time travel or even for information retrieval from
the past. If you die before uploading, freezing is your best chance at

Michael Roy Ames
Ottawa, Canada

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