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Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 11:38:49 MST

Arg! I can't believe I missed the chat! I arrived home about 30 minutes
after it dissolved, and asked a room full of idle people for a copy of the
discussion, and Anand was *right about* to send it to me, then of course my
comp freezes. I come back in 5 minutes and Anand is gone, with the precious
data I was fiending for. So, *does anyone have a log file of chat*? Please

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> Josh Yotty wrote:
> > (with the exception of having to respond to Alan Grimes,
> > which wasted a *lot* of time.
> The most reliable way of getting rid of me is sending me to an
> interesting URL. It gets me out of your hair and when I come back, I'm
> better informed

Two interesting URLs; and It should
take you a month or two to complete those. I got a lot of value (and reason
to be here, I believe) from those two sites.

> I suppose what annoyed people the most was my failure to accept
> Eliezer's writings as gospel and my interest in hard detail regarding
> how things would actually work.

>From Eliezer's description of the "SL4 Mailing List"; "a place for
ultratech-savvy friends and enemies of the Singularity to fight it out". I'm
assuming ultratech-savvy means no spending of valuable time bickering about
the feasability and desirability of uploading, for example, regardless of our
differences on the issue. Eliezer, can we get some clarification on what you
mean by "ultratech-savvy"? Which techs are ultra?

And, a quick question to Singularitarian cryonicists, if any;

If you believe in imminent existence of superintelligent drextech-wielding
plunge-you-into-an-infinite-world-of-fun-and-growth type Sysop, why would you
find it helpful or reasonable to freeze yourself upon death? I find this
anthropocentric, because I truely think that an SI could easily revive any
human being it chose to, if it were an ethical/productive act, (which I
believe it would be) and would not requiring a frozen lump of grey matter to
do so, when it could just as easily extrapolate physical law backwards, or
retrieve the light waves you gave off, or whatever advanced historianism
methods it has. When the Singularity starts to approach, progress in *every*
valuable field will explode upwards radically, perhaps by an order of
magnitude every minute or so eventually; this includes the field of
historianism, and ethics, of course. If advances in these two areas merit a
Mass Resurrection (which I believe they will) then you won't have to worry
about signing up for Alcor or whoever. The impetus for a mass resurrection
is that people will miss their loved ones and wish to have them back. This
brings "ethical closure" to a timeline. Then, someone like me (or maybe an
SI) will wish for *all* the bugs and bees and plants and animals and people
THAT EVER LIVED to be revived. I think the Sysop will not only have the
capability but the desire to do this. In this manner, we achieve "time
compression" in which we can access any past era whatsoever whenever. Cool,

Michael Anissimov

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