Help for SL4's next chat

From: Michaelroyames (
Date: Sun Feb 10 2002 - 15:59:59 MST

(If you were able to get to the #sl4 chat: skip this email... it'll bore

The sl4 chat was my first *chat* experience... very fun!  Some people had
trouble getting on, though, so here's some help for next time.  I'll tell,
in six steps, how I got to #sl4 with nothing but a browser...  :-o
1) Fire-up any web browser that runs Java 1.1.x  (I used IE 5.0.x, but
Netscape 4.7x works too)
2) Go to
3) Click on the "[Eteria]" link.  This link is hard to see, blue-on-blue,
just under the main buttons, labeled "experimental chat applets:".   Note:
Once you have clicked "[Eteria]", __wait__ for the java applet to download
and startup, it will take a little while if you are on a slow link.
4) You are now presented with another form.  Enter the nickname you want to
go by on this particular chat, also your email address if you want people to
be able to contact you offline, and then the "Channel".  Note: #sl4 was/is
not on the "Channel" drop down list... we were warned that it wouldn't be...
but don't worry, choosing any of the channels will work - I chose
#singularity.  Click Join.     Note:  __Wait__ for the java applet to make
the connection, it can be slow.
5) Here's the chat screen, one step to go.  Click on the "Channels" button
(Mid-right).  A pop-up window will appear.  Click on the + sign of "Netwide
Channels".  A list of channels will appear, and one of them should be #sl4.
Highlight the #sl4 channel, and click the "Go To" button.
6) You are now online in #sl4 land.

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