Re: Sysop hacking

From: Edwin Evans (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 23:57:09 MST

Psy-Kosh wrote:

>>>Second, please show that rightness is purely arbitrary and subjective.
>>>I recognize that it is possible that it is such, but, afaik, it has not
>>>been shown to a high degree of probability to be such.
>>Well, we are talking about rightess as in good/bad rather than
>>correct/incorrect. It all comes down to the question "What do you want?"
It has to be more than just a "high degree of probability".

If you had to pick between doing X or doing Y where:
X - Has a one in a googleplex chance of being objectively moral(*) and
vastly less chance of being objectively immoral.
Y - No chance of being objectively moral.

What would you do? How could you justify not doing X? The question will
never be "what do I want?" It will always be "what should I do?"

*Objectively Moral Behavior: The correct (if there is one) answer to the
question "what should I do?".
*Objective Value: That which is valuable, not because someone thinks it
is valuable or because someone values it, but because it actually is

-Edwin Evans

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