Re: Post-Singularity Emotions (was: Ethical basics)

From: Chris Cooper (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 14:14:12 MST

>Exactly! I know I will... but I'll have that
crucial extra functionality:
>an ESC button, for when it all becomes too much
>Or, better yet, an exoself watching over me, just
in case I get into
>trouble... trouble being defined by me beforehand
of course.

But perhaps the key to enjoying emotions post-
Singularity will be giving up that control. Part
of the appeal of eating Fugu fish sashimi is the
possibility that it will poison you, after all. Or
maybe strapping on those primitive emotions will
be the post- Singularity equivalent of bungee-
jumping! Instead of going snowboarding, we'll
enjoy going on a Lost Weekend-style depressive
alcoholic bender, or perhaps you'll enjoy the
emotion of being head-over-heels in love.(with
someone who ignores you!) Hard to say what will be
fun to an entity with a near-infinite I.Q.
I hope that we don't become bored (and boring)
superintellects, but instead become supreme
aesthetes, finding infinite pleasures in all the
strange things that the universe can offer, and
the even stranger things that we will create to
amuse ourselves. That sounds like fun to me.


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