Re: Post-Singularity Emotions (was: Ethical basics)

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 14:47:53 MST

COOP wrote:
< Instead of going snowboarding, we'll
enjoy going on a Lost Weekend-style depressive
alcoholic bender, or perhaps you'll enjoy the
emotion of being head-over-heels in love.(with
someone who ignores you!) Hard to say what will be
fun to an entity with a near-infinite I.Q.
I hope that we don't become bored (and boring)
superintellects, but instead become supreme
aesthetes, finding infinite pleasures in all the
strange things that the universe can offer, and
the even stranger things that we will create to
amuse ourselves. That sounds like fun to me. >

Yeah, sounds like great fun =)
A sentimental/amusing image flashed before my mind of -->
One evening in the post-singularity future where I, being concerned that I
haven't heard from you in a while, seek you out... only to find you stuck,
wallowing in a pit of love-sick despair with no way to extract yourself from
it. Reaching in past the barbs of self-loathing and hopelessness, I drag
you out of the emotional whirlpool, and you, like a man saved from drowing,
lie coughing and happy... glad to be on solid ground again.

COOP: "Thanks for pulling me out"
MRA: "Oh, no trouble. So... you're not mad at me for 'rescuing' you?"
COOP: "Shit no! I got stuck in there three days ago and couldn't find my
way out."
MRA: "Turned off your ESC key again, eh ?" (grinning)
COOP: "Yeah. How many is this I owe you?"
MRA: "Ach, just forget it man. Let's go for a beer."
COOP: "Excellent idea!"


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