RE: Ethical basics

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 23:55:39 MST

Amen, but in moderation.

"Moderation in all things ... including moderation" -- Ben Franklin...

 And don't forget about exploring alternate states of consciousness, that is
valuable for the Singularity too.

Yes, it was on dimethyl tryptamine that Terrence and Dennis McKenna foresaw
the arrival of the Singularity in 2012 ;>

  Lust I'm less keen about. I don't believe in rational love, love wastes
too much time and is too much like a valueless drug. When being on the net
incites more emotion than "real life", would you spend all your time on it,

Wellll.... I'm a big fan of both lust and love, and like many people I
prefer them most of all in a synergetic combination ;> !! My own intuition
is that post-Singularity digital existence going to have its own intense
emotional feelings even more satisfying than the lust and love many of us
savor during this human life...


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