Re: Ethical basics

Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 20:05:24 MST

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> <<I don't have time this morning to spend hours writing a detailed and fully
> rationally convincing essay on the necessary of love, passion and intense
> emotional mania in the universe. But maybe I will sometime later.
> Obviously I have strong *feelings* on this topic, which this conversation
> has elicited ;>
> Love, my friends! LOVE! Lust! Rage!! Excitement! Wonder! passion!
> Yes, you can have the Singularity, and you can have THESE TOO! All for own
> low, low price...>>

Amen, but in moderation. And don't forget about exploring alternate states
of consciousness, that is valuable for the Singularity too. Lust I'm less
keen about. I don't believe in rational love, love wastes too much time and
is too much like a valueless drug. When being on the net incites more
emotion than "real life", would you spend all your time on it, anyone?

Michael Anissimov

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