Re: Ethical basics

From: Michael Roy Ames (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 11:59:01 MST

Eliezer wrote:
>I don't think there are any Singularity-related ethical issues that are
>inappropriate for SL4 - but surprisingly, some people seem to disagree! <

The creator/moderator should hold the responsibility for setting the content
for SL4... Eliezer: you're it.

I will have no hesitation posting to SL4 about ethical issues. If the
Singularity comes later (2030) rather than sooner (2006) then the
publicly-perceived ethics of the Singulatarians will play a big factor in
determining whether our public image helps or hinders us in accomplishing
our goals.

On a more emotion-provoking level, one of our objectives is to save human
beings from involuntary death. We should try to make it as *easy* as
possible for a non-technical person to i) understand, ii) agree with and,
iii) assist us in accomplishing this. We should strive to make people less
afraid of uploading/ascension/transformation (whatever you want to call it)
for themselves and more comfortable with it for others. The aim here would
be to reduce the down-side of the coming 'upheaval', once we get AI + MNT.

So, IMO, ethics is an important issue here.

Michael Roy Ames

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