Re: Michael Anissimov's 'Shock Level Analysis'

From: aominux (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 20:10:34 MST

"But of course this reply is equally and exactly wrong; it is the other
 side of what ends up being the same coin." mr. yudkowsky
I contest that I'm walking the middle path betwixt extremists. I am the
ultimate grey.
"there is only one reality" mr. yudkowsky
Prove it :-p
Notwithstanding that my outlook on life is practically defined by your
"Meaning of Life" document, I fail to understand what drives you to think
that there is one correct reality. Maybe your phrasing just escapes me.
Perhaps you mean that there is one ideal universal situation and we must
strive towards it. Even so, that does not give "you" the right to exercise
intolerance of people who are "wrong" (by your personal definition).

Speaking right and wrong, would it really be so "wrong" if a
superintelligence justified the extermination of humanity? Can you justify
the existence of the human race? Even if we do spawn a superintelligence,
it is in no way obligated to protect us based solely on that we believe it
should. Obviously the SI is smarter than any of us, so if it is deemed
universally "wrong" to prolong human existence, who are we to fight back or
try to prevent the Singularity? If the greater good is really our interest,
Friendly AI is a very low priority.

Off on yet another tangent, does there exist an organized anti-Singularity
community? Have any among us ever been contacted by someone who violently
desired to prevent the Singularity? If there does not yet exist such a
forum, I propose a message board be organized for debate between those who
do or do not support the Singulatarian cause. Quelling the fears of the
lesser shock levels is certainly of greater precedence than ensuring that
the coming superintelligence(s) pamper us without justification. If
humanity truly need be eradicated, it will occur inevitably.

By the way, the visible universe has an net hue of teal. (irrelevant fact)

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> aominux wrote:
> >
> > Yes, because, obviously we are right and everyone else is wrong.
> > You're a model fanatical terrorist.
> > Sorry for the non-contributory message, but this guy is way out of line.
> > Even if you're absolutely sure you're right, you MUST exercise
> > You can't say you're right and everyone else is wrong, because right and
> > wrong are mutually exclusive undefined terms and, furthermore,
> > opinion-based.
> > The last thing we need are wacko Singulatarian-fundamentalists making
> > world dislike our cause. Be gentle.
> > -aominux
> But of course this reply is equally and exactly wrong; it is the other
> side of what ends up being the same coin. That we employ many different
> models of reality does not mean that there are many realities; there is
> only one reality, and "right" and "wrong" are terms which measure the
> nearness of a model to reality. To walk the path of rationality means
> employing a series of successive approximations to reality, always being
> ready to discard one approximation when the better one is found. Absolute
> confidence in self-rightness, and the denial of objective reality in the
> name of cultural tolerance, are both equally internal excuses for
> retaining a flawed model instead of exposing it to the uncomfortable
> process of testing. It is a false dichotomy propagated by both cultural
> relativists and believers that the only alternative to seeing the universe
> as black and white is to see it as uniformly grey. If everything is a
> shade of grey, it does not follow that all greys are the same shade; this
> merely replaces a two-color model with a one-color model. Some greys may
> be close enough to white for all practical purposes, although no true
> perfectionist would ever confess to such a thing; after all, "adequate in
> fact, as it turned out" is not the same as "knowable, in advance, as being
> adequate".
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