Re: Michael Anissimov's 'Shock Level Analysis'

From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 19:17:04 MST

Ben Goertzel quoted Eli:

> > But of course this reply is equally and exactly wrong; it is the other
> > side of what ends up being the same coin. That we employ many different
> > models of reality does not mean that there are many realities; there is
> > only one reality, and "right"

I disagree. Very good empirical evidence suggests that the universe at the
fundamental level is unknowable, is "observer-dependent." This doesn't imply
that the observer determines some ultimate reality, but rather that there are
fundamental limits to the knowability of the universe we live in.

Another way to put it might be... Quantum Mechanics. Get Over It.



PS - another thing to get over: Eli is a moralist, an absolutist, and a
constructionist. It's not surprising that he should take the positions that he
does, nor is it harmful. They constitute a reasonably sound position for him to
act from. He may be entirely wrong about many things, but the synthesis of
these things still provides a positive base for actions with positive
implications for everybody. :-)

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