autonomic computing

From: Aaron McBride (
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 09:57:46 MDT

Possibly a meme we should be promoting.

First, to be autonomic, a system needs to "know itself" and compromise components that also possess a system identity.
An autonomic system never settles for the status quo; it always looks for ways to optimize.
An autonomic system must configure and reconfigure itself under varying and unpredictable conditions.
An autonomic system must be its own doctor; it must be able to recover from routine and extraordinary events that might cause some parts to malfunction.
An autonomic computing system must be an expert in self-protection.
An autonomic computing system knows its environment and the context surrounding its activity, and acts accordingly.
An autonomic system cannot exist in a hermetic environment and must adhere to open standards.
An autonomic computing system will anticipate the optimized resources needed to meet a user's information needs while keeping its complexity hidden from the user. "

Sounds a lot like a Seed-AI to me.

"IBM will open up a substantial grant program with more than 50 grants available to support this effort."  Any way we could get our hands on some of this money?

Someone may also want to contact this author when the time is right for broad announcements.


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