REQUEST: Favorite URL Links

From: Nat (
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 14:43:47 MDT

I am gathering website links for potential use in a website proposal. I have
quite a bit of content, but would like to receive assistance in filling in
gaps. Therefore, if you have URLs related to any of the below areas, please
send them, zipped, to Thanks.

Sections: Singularity (technological singularity, developmental singularity,
flare, friendly AI, general intelligence, seed AI, webmind, transhuman AI,
science fiction)), Transhumanism (Extropianism), Advanced Technology
(advanced hardware (FGPA, MEMs, quantum/DNA/optical computing), advanced
software, mind uploading, life extension (health, fitness, cryonics, smart
drugs, genetic engineering), virtual reality (tele-immersion, haptics, video
conferencing, etc.), etc.)), Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence
(algorithms, data mining, evolutionary computation, neural networks, agents,
friendly AI, general intelligence, seed AI, transhuman AI, expert systems,
case based reasoning, philosophy of AI, etc.), AI ethics, cognitive science
(philosophy of mind, consciousness studies, cognitive neuroscience, etc.),
programming (flare, lisp, object-oriented, prolog, C++, java, etc.)),
Nanotechnology (microscale and nanoscale components/subsystems).

(I particularly need website links for the IT section.)

Content within sections may be on any of the following (incomplete list):
papers, books, media (audio/video), FAQs, mailing lists, newsgroups,
newsletters, forums, persons, interviews, companies, conferences,
organizations, associations, institutes, symposiums, lectures, transcripts,
discussions, debates, controversies, research, business models, technology,
philosophy et al.

Most likely, I will all ready have the majority of URLs; nevertheless,
please send me any that are related to the above areas (I do not mind
weeding through hundreds of URLs).

I'm trying to speed up the content gathering process, hence this message is
being sent to the SL4 and Extropy mailing lists. If you can send me a zipped
file with your favorite website links, it will be very appreciated and

Thanks again!!

Best wishes,

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