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From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 16:34:37 MDT

At 2:50 PM -0500 9/23/01, Aikin, Robert wrote:
>This moment in time might very well be the proverbial good-old-days when
>folks could hunker-down on their work station and share their thoughts and
>dreams about AI without fear. For there may soon come a time when people
>are identified as either "serving The Lord" or "serving Satan" in the hunt
>to rid the race of traitors. Unless one is working behind the secured walls
>of a major corporate and/or government/military facility, a person may find
>him/herself in a world of sh*t, that is, at the mercy of folks who truly
>believe they are saving the human race from extinction.

One thing I see as key is that a lot of the discussion about general
topics that needs to take place probably has. What has yet to come
is discussion about specifics (how do I code Friendliness into AI x).
Luckily, as Eli has pointed out before, most of us simply can't
contribute to these discussion (myself included most of the time,
unless I'm overestimating the task of creating AI, which I doubt).
So, when the time comes, this probably won't be as bad as it could be
since we won't need to communicate in such open forums.

On a side note, some religions may see the results of the
Singularity, if presented in the right light, as actually being a
good thing. But, I've been an atheist for years (although I didn't
always know it), so all I know about religion I learned as a little
kid watching TV (it's amazing how much religion there is in
children's programming) and from Sarah, who likes to thump her Bible
on occasion, but she's a Thomas Paine kind of believer (not to be
confused with my previous reference to Thomas Paine), so it's not
quite so bad as having fundies come at you. Thus, I probably have a
less than accurate view of most religions.

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