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From: Gordon Worley (
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 16:34:36 MDT

At 2:41 PM -0400 9/23/01, Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:
>As for what it takes to post to the list, I wish I could say that everyone
>had what it takes, or that everyone would automatically know whether or
>not they have what it takes, or that at the very least all the good
>posters would estimate themselves to be good posters even if some bad
>posters did so as well. Unfortunately, all three hypotheses have been
>disconfirmed by experience, and so I can't tell people "If you're not
>sure, don't post" because that would wipe out at least two-thirds of the
>sufficiently-good first posts I've seen.

I mentioned this a few months ago, but feel free to look back in the
archives and see how I've gone from bad to good poster (IMO, of
course). I came in like your typical Extropian list kind of guy
(despite the fact that I've only ever read the archives of that list
and never subscribed to it) with some rationalized opinions that I
knew were kind of fuzzy but were the best thing I had. Well, over a
couple of months the efforts of Eli and the list finally knocked that
stuff out of me (okay, can't deny, I did a lot of the knocking out
myself after they got me started). I subscribed back at the start of
December 2000. The interesting thing is that I subscribed after I
read the page about Shock Levels for the 4th time or something like
that in trying to learn about this SL4 thing and finally decided I
was ready to subscribe to the list. I did about 4 months of research
on my own before I ever joined the list, but this was just my path
and I'm sure other people had their own paths here that were just as
good, if not better.

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