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From: Xavier Lumine (
Date: Fri Sep 21 2001 - 09:06:04 MDT

>Well, managing an open source project, this isn't quite the way it

FYI, GIAI/SIAI is not an open-source project, for practicality,
friendliness, logistics and an assortment of other issues.

As I feel I have been tardy with keeping the list updated as to the status
of SingInst/Flare's activities, here is a short update:

The Flare Project (FPL, has received
serious interest from half a dozen very talented developers and engineers.
Currently, within a closed-loop code-exchange system (we haven't had the
time to put out any snapshots), about two months of development effort has
been put in, and results are starting to emerge. We anticipate, at the
current rate of development, a production-quality Flare system by February
or March 2002. The company at which I am employed has also demonstrated
serious interest in FPL, and has committed somewhat to endorsement,
marketing and development assistance (hardware and resources) aimed at
accelerating the release of production-quality Flare.

The AI side of things is in planning/specification; basically,
production-quality flare is a requirement before serious coding can begin.

Dmitriy Myshkin

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