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Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 14:55:20 MDT

Thinking alone may not bring about an Artificial Intelligence Singularity, but
it could bring about a Human Intelligence Singularity. Self-replicating
Drexlerian assemblers in matter and energy space is isomorphic to humans that
breed and keep humanity from extinction, and also isomorphic to programmers or
Seed AI creating a better AI. I know that most people here believe that an AI
Singularity will happen sooner than a HI Singularity. Personally, I'm interested
in both.

I have understood The Singularity as the point in time where the path taken
creates an intelligence greater than the most highly optimized intelligent
individual human. Please correct me if my interpretation is too general or
specific or wrong.

Isn't thinking the most important step towards The Singularity? It is seeded by
thinking, which creates knowledge. With enough knowledge, anything can happen
including the implementation of these thoughts into machines in meat-space. The
reason these machines may or do not exist yet is because we don't have enough
knowledge brought about by thinking. Implementation details can be performed by
trial and error or experimentation, but thinking about the implementation
details will make the construction practically trivial.

Having completely automated self-replicating systems requires intelligence, even
if it is Artificial. We just need to make sure it is Friendly before pressing
the start button, or else humanity ends up like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia's The
Sorcerer's Apprentice. That is why while there is no Friendly AI yet, we need a
lot of people to run it to contain it and to press the stop button.

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> Thinking alone won't bring about a Singularity, you
> need to implement the thoughts in the world of matter
> and energy. While Drexlerian assemblers are still
> undeveloped, we have a macroscopic self-replicating
> system in our industrial infrastructure. That
> infrastructure still requires a lot of people to
> run it, though. What I am interested in is
> self-replicating systems that are entirely automated.
> Especially ones that are relatively small and have
> fast reproduction times.

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