RE: Convincing wealthy benefactors to back real AI research

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2001 - 19:08:02 MDT

> I don't see how anyone that fully internalizes those three items can come
> to any other conclusions regarding the use of any totally unused
> funds they
> may have sitting around. The hard part is getting potential
> funders to fully
> internalize/accept these things... some people don't believe a Singularity
> can occur, others think it will be bad, and others think that AI
> is too hard.

Most people don't have a sufficiently flexible conceptual framework to "not
believe" a Singularity will occur in any assertive sense. They can hardly
even conceptualize the notion of a Singularity, I'm afraid.

And businesspeople, who tend to have the $$, don't tend to be particularly
flexible in their conceptual frameworks, as compared to say, artists,
musicians, scientists,.... Success in business is often driven by a certain
narrowness of mind, which enables the narrowness of focus that is often
crucial to business success. At least that's been my impression.


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