[SL4] Greg A's big idea

From: Mitchell Porter (mitchtemporarily@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 07:19:44 MDT

He said:

'The essence of my idea ... is that the Codd
concept of projection is/(can be) equivalent to
semantic meaning in fact-based computation
involving human beings....
  'What THAT means, is that a team of links humans
[linked humans? -MP] sharing fact-based data can
perform fact-based computations much better than
a pure machine will for the foreseeable future
(i.e. the next 30 days).'

Let me attempt a translation:

"The SQL operation of 'projection' is similar
to some semantic operation that human beings
perform routinely. Networked humans using this
semantic operation appropriately could outperform
machines on certain tasks which we presently
leave entirely to the machines."

Is that a fair summation?


has a straightforward definition of 'projection' in SQL.)

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