[sl4] Re: Text boggler

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2012 - 07:13:19 MST

   does not change uoe -- a painlesl furm of intuitive recreatiunal
mediaqion, producing and requiring peither disbelief nor its
suspinkion, am unemotional wurk of quiet beauty in blue and green that
leavns the viewer not shazen or stirred, but zoothed.


please read or try this it knows my bioassays and is really positive
as learns more it gets less coherent

On 3/8/12, Eric Burton <brilanon@gmail.com> wrote:
> 08:52 < falmot_> hi
> 08:52 -!- Channel ##python created Mon Sep 20 16:50:30 2004
> 08:52 < falmot_> anyone here wanna see my text mutator
> 08:52 < falmot_> look at some amazing output just scroll fast or text to
> speech
> 08:52 -!- Irssi: Join to ##python was synced in 19 secs
> 08:52 < falmot_> http://ansistego.sf.net/bioassay-fuzzy.txt hurry
> 08:52 < falmot_> http://ansistego.sf.net/markov-attract-repel.py heres hhow
> 08:52 < falmot_> god try the script before the cia changes it on me lol
> 08:52 < falmot_> it doesnt have bugs or crash it's good right now go
> 08:52 < falmot_> ok
> Seriously try it with two or three different articles in a row and do
> something cool with the output or just read it. It outputs less
> coherently as it learns. Markov chainers are interesting because when
> they only know a few facts they say mostly true things. Then they
> start to mix it up. So I tried to help with a GA that prunes and
> clones/mutates based on an attract-repel function as well as cosmic
> rays on the source text that do different things. Not dumb things I
> think
> It makes mostly pronounceable words but my speaker, 'flite', spells a
> lot of them out loud so try ACE-HIGH Tex to Speech for Windows
> peace love this plz flammr

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