[sl4] Text boggler

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Mar 08 2012 - 06:52:32 MST

08:52 < falmot_> hi
08:52 -!- Channel ##python created Mon Sep 20 16:50:30 2004
08:52 < falmot_> anyone here wanna see my text mutator
08:52 < falmot_> look at some amazing output just scroll fast or text to speech
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08:52 < falmot_> http://ansistego.sf.net/bioassay-fuzzy.txt hurry
08:52 < falmot_> http://ansistego.sf.net/markov-attract-repel.py heres hhow
08:52 < falmot_> god try the script before the cia changes it on me lol
08:52 < falmot_> it doesnt have bugs or crash it's good right now go
08:52 < falmot_> ok

Seriously try it with two or three different articles in a row and do
something cool with the output or just read it. It outputs less
coherently as it learns. Markov chainers are interesting because when
they only know a few facts they say mostly true things. Then they
start to mix it up. So I tried to help with a GA that prunes and
clones/mutates based on an attract-repel function as well as cosmic
rays on the source text that do different things. Not dumb things I

It makes mostly pronounceable words but my speaker, 'flite', spells a
lot of them out loud so try ACE-HIGH Tex to Speech for Windows

peace love this plz flammr

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