Re: [sl4] Friendly AIs vs Friendly Humans

From: Alexei Turchin (
Date: Tue Jun 21 2011 - 12:29:51 MDT

State criminal laws are describing what should friendly human do.

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 10:36 AM, DataPacRat <> wrote:
> Since this list isn't officially closed down /quite/ yet, I'm hoping
> to take advantage of the remaining readers' insights to help me find
> the answer to a certain question - or, at least, help me find where
> the answer already is.
> My understanding of the Friendly AI problem is, roughly, that AIs
> could have all sorts of goal systems, many of which are rather
> unhealthy for humanity as we know it; and, due to the potential for
> rapid self-improvement, once any AI exists, it is highly likely to
> rapidly gain the power required to implement its goals whether we want
> it to or not. Thus certain people are trying to develop the parameters
> for a Friendly AI, one that will allow us humans to continue doing our
> own things (or some approximation thereof), or at least for avoiding
> the development of an Unfriendly AI.
> From what I've overheard, one of the biggest difficulties with FAI is
> that there are a wide variety of possible forms of AI, making it
> difficult to determine what it would take to ensure Friendliness for
> any potential AI design.
> Could anyone here suggest any references on a much narrower subset of
> this problem: limiting the form of AI designs being considered to
> human-like minds (possibly including actual emulations of human
> minds), is it possible to solve the FAI problem for that subset - or,
> put another way, instead of preventing Unfriendly AIs and allowing
> only Friendly AIs, is it possible to avoid "Unfriendly Humans" and
> encourage "Friendly Humans"? If so, do such methods offer any insight
> into the generalized FAI problem? If not, does that imply that there
> is no general FAI solution?
> And, most importantly, how many false assumptions are behind these
> questions, and how can I best learn to correct them?
> Thank you for your time,
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