Re: [sl4] Re: META: closing the list

From: Gabriel Charron (
Date: Tue May 10 2011 - 07:01:26 MDT

I would suggest that this lack of response is possibly the best reason
to consider this list moribund. I have subscribed to this list since
around 1998-99 and IMO it has become a shadow of a shadow of what it
once was. Without Eliezer, Ben, et al it had no drive, no evolution,
just snippy arguments. And now, not even those. It's an artifact,
let's treat it as the term SL4 even still applicable? In any
case as we are supposed to be the technologically savvy, it seems odd
to be using such an old protocol to communicate. SL4 is obsolete.

>One would think that proposing the
> equivalent of the death sentence for a mailing list would stir a
> little more traffic...

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