Re: [sl4] META: closing the list

From: Tim Freeman (
Date: Sun Mar 13 2011 - 13:47:00 MDT

From: Gwern Branwen <>
>The last really interesting thing I can remember reading on SL4 is
>Clark's review of a biography of Everett
>(; conversations over the last
>3 years - since Overcoming Bias started up, in fact - have tended to
>be on a very low level. Perhaps I am simply growing up intellectually
>(I joined SL4 in ~2004 as 'maru') but I think it is simply that people
>are no longer using SL4 and have begun using LessWrong instead.

I haven't been paying much attention to LessWrong.

At one point there was a moratorium on discussing Friendly AI on
LessWrong. Is that still in effect?

It always seemed weird to me to have the Singularity Institute
sponsoring a forum and then forbidding discussion of Friendly AI on
that forum. If that moratorium is no longer in effect, then it's some
inexplicable and not very important thing in the past, but if it's
still in effect I don't understand what SIAI thinks their mission is
any more.

I have a somewhat buggy FAI proposal at that
got a lot of good feedback here on SL4. I have carefully archived all
of that feedback and intend at some point to fix the bugs in the
content and the presentation, describe the fixes here, and see what
people here think of them. If this list closes and FAI discussion is
not permitted on LessWrong, I don't know where to have that
conversation. Even if this list stays open, I don't know whether that
content would be welcome here.

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