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Thanks Tim for your view on Asimov's three laws. Gave me a chuckle.

As much as I adore Eli's clever writing, re the piece on "Predicting the
Future" I have to say that using the 50's vision of the future as a general
public perspective is mistaken. That went down with women wanting to be
"pretty" (referring to Eli's play on Harry Potter (women want to be sexy and
smart, not pretty (i.e., delicacy)).

I'd like to see a stronger incorporation of design in the theoretical
writings and visionary musings on FAI. Design is a complex field and
contains practicality, rationality and functionalism, along with a
cybernetic adaptive sensibility.


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>What do we do about Asimov's three laws where military AI is concerned?

Ignore them. They were contrived to give Asimov interesting conflict he
could write about, not to solve any real-world problems. This is discussed

Eliezer says not to generalize from fiction, and I agree. See

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