[sl4] Humanity+ UK 2010: Call for posters

From: Amon Zero (amon@doctrinezero.com)
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 07:13:38 MST

This is a call for poster submissions for the *Humanity+ UK 2010* one-day
conference, to be held on Saturday April 24th at Conway Hall, London
(details below).

In addition to the exciting list of speakers listed below, there will be a
networking room at the conference with limited space for poster
presentations, on topics relevant to the themes of the conference. If you
would like to be considered to give such a poster presentation, please send
a 100-200 word summary of the work or ideas you would present, to Amon
Twyman (amon @ doctrinezero.com <amon@doctrinezero.com>), by 5:00pm on
Wednesday March 31st. You will receive confirmation of acceptance or
otherwise, with full instructions for poster format, venue and
schedule details by Wednesday April 14th.

If you have any questions about poster submission, please do not hesitate to
contact the address above. For any other questions or registration for the
conference, please see our website via the link below.

The Humanity+ UK Team


How will accelerating technological change affect human mental and physical
capabilites as well as the environment in which we live? What challenges and
opportunities does the human race face in this age of unprecedented change?
How can we help shape the future, spread the benefits and mitigate the risks
of the coming technological revolutions?

Humanity+ UK2010, a one-day conference in London on 24 April 2010, gathers
together some leading thinkers to discuss these topics. Speakers include:

*) Max More, on "Singularity Skepticism: Exposing Exponential Errors";
*) Anders Sandberg, on "Making humans smarter via cognitive enhancers";
*) Rachel Armstrong, on "The impact of living technology on the future of
*) Aubrey de Grey, on "Human regenerative engineering theory and
*) David Pearce, on "The Abolitionist Project: Can biotechnology abolish
suffering throughout the living world?";
*) Amon Twyman, on "Augmented perception and Transhumanist Art";
*) Natasha Vita-More, on "DIY Enhancement";
*) David Orban, on "The Singularity University", and "The Internet of
*) Nick Bostrom, on "Reducing Existential Risks".

For more details, including speaker biographies, see

PLEASE NOTE: People attending this event need to REGISTER via the event
website, http://humanityplus-uk.com. Attendance costs 25 (or 15 for
non-waged), but is free to registered members of H+ UK.

The event website also provides:

*) an option to join H+ UK
*) an option to register to join some of the speakers for dinner and further
conversation in the evening
*) blog postings by and about the speakers.

For information about the event venue, see

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