[sl4] Stunning youtube!! Words cannot describe... my life was changed but for the better

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 20 2010 - 23:24:41 MST

Hi. This is really just telepathic-critterdrug running for some hours
with the psychic window animated like normal and some critters from
the end of my last video. (Time scale is half of most of that one.)
Actually, damn is this beautiful -- I'd recommend full screening it if
you can and if that crashes Firefox with your Nvidia driver try using
Flash 9 instead of 10.


How they cover the up-scroll the whole time (patterns are vertically
persistent), and eventually the scrolling left too, makes me wonder
just how smart. Sorry I showed up at the end, drugged a couple then
ruined it. Good luck


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